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Plug-in Spring-Cage Terminal Board


  • Spring-cage terminals for the USBP-II8IDO4A multifunction I/O board
  • 40-pin, 45 degree angled, spring-cage terminals for convenient installation
  • Spring-cage terminals accept 26 to 20 AWG wire
  • Silk screen labeling clearly identifies terminal to corresponding pin number
  • Direct connect - plugs directly on top of the USBP-II8IDO4A board
  • Lowest cost approach for breakout of I/O signals to individual terminals
  • Small footprint (2 7/8" X 2 3/8")
  • Designed, made, supported, and manufactured in the USA

The STBP-II8IDO4A allows you to break out signals from the USBP-II8IDO4A I/O board to spring-cage terminals for easy field signal wiring of relays, sensors, and switches commonly found in industrial environments.

It features one 16-pin and one 26-pin female header connectors that mate directly with the two male header connectors on the USBP-II8IDO4A module. No screws or standoffs are necessary for this connection. Simply plug the spring-cage terminal board onto the USBP-II8IDO4A board and you are good to go.

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STBP-II8IDO4A40-pin spring-cage terminal board for use with the USBP-II8IDO4A I/O module
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